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uh - перевод с английского на русский , транскрипция...

uh Наречие.

What does UH mean? - UH Definition - Meaning of... - InternetSlang.com

What does UH mean? This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of UH (UH Ever wondered what UH means? Or any of the other 9309 slang words, abbreviations and...

uh - Wiktionary

Onomatopoeia of the natural expression of thought. Compare with er. IPA(key): /ʌː/. Rhymes: -ʌ. uh. Expression of thought, confusion, or uncertainty. Uh, who was that? Space filler or pause during conversation. Uh, let me see...

Adriano celentano uh uh музыка в MP3 - скачать бесплатно...

Adriano Celentano — Giornata nein (Uh, uh 1982).

Adriano Celentano - Uh Uh слушать и скачать на LightAudio

Uh...Uh... Adriano Celentano 1982. Love Rock (Top 50 Greatest Hits Rock And Roll) Various Artists 2021. Uh Uh (Bingo Bongo) — Adriano Celentano. 5:23.


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