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QP Real-Time Embedded Frameworks... /QM at SourceForge.net

QM (QP Modeler) is a freeware graphical modeling tool for designing and implementing real-time embedded software based on the UML state machines and the lightweight QP Real-Time Embedded...

QM - Wikipedia

QM may refer to: QM Productions, a TV production company founded by Quinn Martin. Air Malawi (IATA airline designator QM). Queen Margaret Union, a students' union at the University of Glasgow. Queen Mary University of London, a public research university.


NAMD QM/MM interface extends existing NAMD features to the quantum mechanical level, presenting features that are not yet available in any QM/MM implementation. The first is the ability to execute...

QM/MM tutorial

The QM subsystem is described at the semi-empirical QM level, while the remainder of the system, consisting of the reactants-aliphatic The QM/MM division splits the systems along a chemical bond.

Introduction to SAP QM

What is SAP QM or Quality Management? SAP QM is a key module of SAP ERP and can be used SAP QM information system is where you can analyze various reports like vendor evaluation, a list of...


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