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Vær (yr.no).

a passive aggressive way to say no, saying no in a judgmental way....

no. a power move to win any argument. Emily: "no". If you say anything related to roasting girls, expect this "comeback". by TheTikTokExplainer August 07, 2020.

No | Definition of No at Dictionary.com

No definition, (a negative used to express dissent, denial, or refusal, as in response to a question or request) See more. (used to emphasize or introduce a negative statement): Not a single person came to the party, no, not a one. not in any degree or manner; not at all (used with a comparative): He is no...

No (2012) - IMDb

44 No. 1 Composed by Jean Sibelius Performed by London Festival Orchestra Conducted by Alfred Scholz See more ». No is one of those films which I wasn't looking forward to seeing because I just wasn't interested in the subject matter. I'm not into historical political movies, but this film was much...

no - Wiktionary

From Middle English no, noo, na, a reduced form of none, noon, nan ("none, not any") used before consonants (compare a to an), from Old English nān ("none, not any"), from Proto-West Germanic *nain, from Proto-Germanic *nainaz ("not any", literally "not one"), equivalent to ne ("not"...

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